10 Hilarious AF Life Hack Fails That Are Sure To Leave You In Splits

Hacks are meant to make our lives easy and thanks to some geniuses, we have our lives sorted for a few years to come. However, just like they say ‘too many chefs spoil the broth’, too many ideas can spoil a hack and these ones listed below prove the same. These extra smart people took ‘thinking out of the box’ way too seriously and the results were hilarious AF. Check them out and let us know if you ever created any hack that turned out to be your biggest nightmare.

1. Ugh…can someone please tell us how to switch these lights on?


2. After looking at this, fasting doesn’t seem to be that bad an option


3. Hello, it’s me…


4. When you are broke AF but still want comfort!


5. The living proof of how powerful Nokia handsets are!


6. Who needs a freezer when you have a washing machine


7. Infinity


8. On days when you can’t find a knife or bread cutter. So can we call it an iKnife?


9. That’s me by the end of every month (when you don’t have money but style is equally important)


10. Don’t have a cheese grater? No worries, your computer can do the job for you.


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