10 Most Beautiful Movie Theaters Around The World

A cinema hall is a good place to kick out some boredom and watch a great flick but what if the cinema hall itself is very awesome? Presenting you the BEST movie theaters around the world!

#1. The Bijou Theater, Bridgeport


#2. Electric Cinema, Notting Hill13669819_255437021515462_6814721582181958452_n

#3. Sci-fi Dine-in Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios 13700064_255436828182148_8115219515516977882_n

#4. Enzian Theater, Maitland, Fl13700065_255438634848634_4479736732195750560_n

#5. Movie Theater In Paris 13729182_255437018182129_4232442186869645962_n

#6. Newport Ultra Cinema, Newport City 13754491_255437604848737_797132726498013152_n

#7. Olympia Music Hall, France13770530_255436814848816_6005730019524114925_n

#8. Transatlantyk Festival – Cinema In Bed (open-air), Poznań13775454_255437951515369_146546386628152137_n

#9. Hot Tub Cinema, London 13782078_255437158182115_1677856766102007378_n

#10. Riverbad Cinema For Dokufest In Prizren, Kosovo.


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