10 Things Will Make You Say “Shut Up And Take My Money!”

#1. Personalized Message In A Book


Defacing books is perfectly fine as long as it’s for something that’s as awesome as this. This cool Etsy store lets you cut a short name or date into a book for the one you love.

#2. Bulbasaur 3D Printed Planter


If you’re like me and just can’t get enough candy to evolve a bulbasaur, just grow one in real life. These planters will slowly grow into full sized Pokemon.

#3. Super Mario Lamp


There’s no better way for a nerd to light up the room during a 3 am reading or gaming session.

#4. PyroPet Candles


It’s a candle that leaves a tiny little skeleton behind. What kind of self-respecting geek would not want this?!

#5. Hatching Dinosaur Candle


The hatching dinosaur candle puts you one step closer to finally being able to recreate Jurassic Park.

#6. Test Tube Spice Rack


Hopefully, the cops don’t mistake your kitchen for a meth lab.

#7.Star Trek Magnets


Here comes the star trek magnets

#8. Star Wars Shower Heads


Extra force, I would assume.

#9. Game Of Thrones Dragon Draper Necklace


You can now be Daenerys. You’re welcome.

#10. Pokemon Kanto Gym Badges


You don’t even have to beat the gym leaders.

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