10 Ways To Secure Your Home Against Burglars

Anyone who has had their home or apartment broken into knows how violated it makes you feel. In addition to potentially losing valuable and sentimental items from your home, you feel as if your privacy has been completely invaded. Understandably, people go to extreme lengths to cover their property with security cameras or protect their windows with unsightly metal bars. This isn’t the only way to secure your home, though. Surprisingly, there are tons of creative measures you can take to ensure that burglars leave your house alone.

Check out these 10 useful home security hacks that will keep your family and valuables safe.

1. Keep your lawn and shrubs trimmed. Unkempt landscaping can be a clear sign to burglars that you are away.


2. Even if you don’t own a dog, put up a sign that says you do.

This may seem like a lame or useless technique, but think about it; would you even consider approaching a home that could be home to a giant dog?


3. If you can, get a dog. If a burglar sees your sign and thinks you’re bluffing, they’ll go running when they see Duke coming after them.


4. Don’t let mail accumulate in your mailbox.

If your mailbox is overflowing, they may think you aren’t home.


5. Related to the mail trick mentioned above, cancel your subscriptions during vacations so they don’t build up in your mailbox.


6. Strategically place thorned plants around the base of windows.

Windows are a major entry point for burglars. Rose bushes are beautiful, but can also hurt like hell if you have to shove your hand into one to open a window. Barberry bushes are also great for this.


7. Purchase lighting timers for when you’re out on trips.

These are pretty inexpensive and can convince burglars that your house is occupied. This tip also relies on you keeping your vehicles inside your garage at all times. This tip won’t work if the burglars cased your home and notice your car hasn’t been parked out front for a while.


8. Again, limiting the hints you give to burglars is key. Don’t broadcast your trips on social media.

Your chances of being broken into will only go up if someone can confirm, in any way, that you are away on vacation.


9. Keep your blinds or curtains closed to hide what you have inside.

Burglars often scan the inside of a property to check out what you have. You might as well prevent this easy view inside.


10. A Louisville Slugger next to the bed goes a long way as well.

Stay safe y’all!



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