12 Brilliant Car Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Yesterday

Rolling around in a dirty vehicle is not something I could do, so car washes would probably be a weekly thing for me. I have been taking the bus forever, so I could never take my future car for granted. It must always be on point.

Whenever my friends pick me up, they always have to excuse the mess they have in their car. I always think to myself, “I would never let my car get that dirty.” Then I put it in perspective and remember that I’m only saying that because I still don’t have a car. When I had to share a room with my sister, I thought that when I got my own room, it would always be clean. Fast-forward to now: I have clothes piled up in my closet and a messy bed. Not what I expected at all.

When I do end up buying a car, will I go back on my word? Hopefully not! Taking care of a car can be annoying and a little bit tough. Here are 12 hacks for keeping your car clean and organized. Your car will be looking cool, neat, and even comfortable. Check out #10 to find out how to stay comfy on those long road trips. I’m definitely going to keep all these hacks in mind when I purchase my own car. Can’t wait!

#1. Garbage


People use plastic bags as garbage bins in their car. I understand that it is not practical to have a garbage bin in your car because of the size, but a plastic bag is not a valid replacement! Not good enough! Using a cereal container as a garbage bin is so smart. It holds a decent amount of garbage, and it doesn’t take up much space! So cool!

2. Directions


Fiddling around on your phone while looking for directions is very dangerous. Don’t endanger yourself or anyone on the road by looking down at your phone. Here is a great way to go hands-free and still get to your destination on time. All you need for this DIY is a two-inch soft grip binder clip, two rubber hair bands, and pliers. Grip the curved ends of the binder clip by using your pliers. Bend the ends slightly so it will easily grasp your phone, and wrap the rubber bands around the handles until they are snug. All you have to do now is attach the binder clip to an air vent in your car. So smart!

3. Fluids


Don’t leave all of your car fluids laying around. What if you accidentally don’t close a lid properly? Do you want to deal with an oily mess to clean up? If the answer is no, then you will love this hack! Place all your car fluids in a shower caddy. This will keep them organized and easy to find! Check out #8 to find another way to use a shower caddy in your car.

4. Air freshener


There might be a questionable smell in your car from food you might have left behind. Air fresheners are an excellent idea if you’re in this situation. Instead of buying one, you can easily make your own. All you have to do is add five to ten drops of essential oil onto a clothespin and clip it to the air vent in your car. I love this because you can choose your favorite essential oil and it’s super affordable!

5. Spare change


Keep your spare change organized because it can come in handy. You don’t want to be that person holding up the drive-thru line because you’re looking for a quarter. Keep all your spare change in one spot by using an old gum container. It’s a like a mini piggy bank in your car.

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