15 Genius DIYs To Keep Your Stuff From Getting Lost At School

1. Make a unique pencil case that you can *COLOR* when you get stressed.


English quiz tomorrow? Get your pencils ready…and start feverishly coloring. Get the tutorial from Damask Love.

2. You can also keep your school essentials in a book clutch.


Because nothing conveys school vibes quite like your fave read. Get the tutorial here.

3. Keep a cookie sheet memo board in your locker.


All your friends with be jelly and all your stuff with get done, too. Get the tutorial here.

4. If you’re always misplacing your headphones, glue two clothespins together to make the perfect holder.


Get the tutorial here.

5. If everyone in class has the same shoes, use a hot glue gun to write your name on the bottom of your pair.


Now, you won’t have to argue with Kimberly (also size 7 wearing white Adidas) in the locker room. Also, this trick helps add more traction to the bottom of your shoes.

6. If most of your bobby pins end up in a black hole, DIY a cute catch-all.


All you need is a pill bottle, some spray paint, and a few stickers. Get the tutorial here.

7. If your pens always go missing, make them damn unforgettable.


Because people never say, “Hey, can I borrow your pen and by ‘borrow’ I mean take it home and you’ll never see it again?” Get the tutorial here.

8. You can also liven up your desk in class or at home with a pen bouquet.


 Stop and smell the…Bic? Get the how-to here.

9. If you lose your lip balm all the damn time, make a cute holder for it.


Clip it onto your backpack and don’t let that sucker out of your sight. Get the tutorialhere.

10. The rents pissed because you lost your keys…AGAIN? Keep them in order with yarn.


A cheap, easy fix for those of us who tend to lose every damn thing. Get the tutorialhere.

11. If your charger always goes missing, take two seconds and wrap it with Washi tape.


This is less of a DIY and more of a genius hack. Get more info here.

12. You can try this trick on your laptop charger, too.


Also, look at how cute it is. Get the tutorial here.

13. Make a personalized etched water bottle with your name on it.


If you’re not into monograms, write out your personal mantra. Get the tutorial here.

14. If you’re always misplacing papers, try these cheap and easy binder clips.


Unlike a folder (where papers can easily fall out), these binder clips hold on tight to your tests and homework so they’ll never go missing again. Get the tutorial here.

15. And lastly, if you’re usually losing your *shit* at school, DIY a unicorn stress ball to keep tension low.


Sometimes you lose your shit and sometime your LOSE YOUR SHIT. For the latter, try this relaxing lil’ guy. Check out the tutorial here

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