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20 Creatively Funny Ads Are Brilliantly Spot On! These Are Strictly Double Meaning Ads!

Everyone of us is the target of some particular advertising campaign, some of you may be more receptive to controversial advertisements and some other to strong imagery. However, there is a category of advertising that usually manages to attract the majority of people, the funny ads.

Advertisers know that humor can stick in people’s minds and sometimes become viral, that’s why we often see creatively ironic ads or commercials that can make us giggle. They can play on double meanings, mock somebody or something, distort reality or showcase things from a different perspective with the aim to impress us and stick the message into our minds.

What you will see in this post are some of the clever and funny print ads that we liked the most. As usual, if you have any example of ad that you think could have made it into the list, tell us in the comments! Enjoy.

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