20 Dogs That Have No Idea How Their Beds Work

I don’t care if you’re old or young, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat — dogs that have no idea how their beds work are funny.

We try to give our pets the very best, but do they really appreciate it? Over the years, I’ve bought countless beds for my two dogs, but they rarely sleep in them. The floor, the couch, and even the coffee table seem preferable to the nice, soft beds I so generously provide.

Don’t believe me? Check out these 20 dogs who also have no idea how their beds work. They might not be the smartest animals around, but they sure are lovable!

#1. “$100 bed? No thanks, what I really wanted was a pillow.”


#2. Do you even need a bed when you have a furry friend?


#3. Apparently this is more comfortable than the bed he’s staring at.


#4. “I just want my toys to be comfortable.”


#5. Come on, guys. Don’t let the cat treat you like that.


#6. Yes, you fit in the basket. No, it’s not a bed.


#7. This one almost gets it. Too bad he picked the wrong bed.


#8. This blue-eyed beauty had to be cut out of her bed!


#9. Big dogs should learn to stand up for themselves.


#10. Don’t they know how silly they look?


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