20+ Signboards Doing Their Job Hilariously!

So you think signboards are boring and only have few to minimal information? Think again! We have compiled a list of 20+ signboards having more humor then your dad maybe :/ Who knows.. Check them out!

#1. Non Drying Paint? Really?


#2. Dont ride a headless horse here or they will fine you 😐3a3e5b07-2960-4a5e-a3c9-42824bd6ad3d

#3. No stunting like a boss?3fe2902b-e708-439d-8b9f-317c41dff43a

#4. It has sharp edges.. The main message is below the bold text7bdeaacc-b49f-42d7-92aa-d602b810f617

#5. Things not allowed..8a4c49af-6864-49d6-ab19-d7cd377419b1

#6. Fat Pedestrian He meant?8e871ca6-38c3-427c-856a-448f267f2735

#7. Is it Animals or Children we should beware about?13fa0062-20a4-40ed-9e02-abc174eb89a0

#8. Humans Ahead! Deers must be smart to understand..25a6cb76-6cc0-43a1-b365-21cba1135735

#9. Incase you survive41d8a4e9-eb46-47f0-869b-49dfa475de87

#10. Dino’s Ahead173faf63-7c15-480e-831c-c175e47e6435

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