20 Times Vladimir Putin Proved He Is The Most Badass President I

World history is littered with men, great men who not only define the times that they live in but also make an impact which is felt through the sands of time. Vladimir Putin is the rebel child of world politics and that makes him a revered figure, swimming against the tide and fighting the allied League of Nations led by America, single-handedly. Although a man of his stature does not need labels to tell us that he is, in fact, world’s boss, here’s a look into his everyday life which proves that he’s the most badass president in the world right now.

#1. Putin Is A 16-year KGB Veteran And He Doesn’t Let His Opponents Forget That


#2. He Loves To Hunt And He Doesn’t Do It Discreetly. Also, He Frequently Goes On Expeditions To Tag Animals


#3. Here He Is Casually Gunning Down An Endangered Grey Whale Species. Don’t Fret, It’s For Tagging Purposes Only

#4. His Biker Name Is ‘Abbadon’ Which Roughly Translates To ‘The Destroyer’

#5. Putin Also Loves To Swim In Freezing Siberian Lakes And, Yes, That’s How He Rejuvenates While Vacationingvladimir-putin-proved-he-was-the-most-badass-president-in-world-history-652x400-5-1466779721

#6. This Is Not Paragliding, He’s Actually Helping Siberian Cranes To Begin Their Migration Routes Through A Motorized Hang Glidervladimir-putin-proved-he-was-the-most-badass-president-in-world-history-652x400-6-1466779761

#7. The Former Spy’s Killer Instinct Comes Into Full Play While Testing This Assault Rifle Simulator vladimir-putin-proved-he-was-the-most-badass-president-in-world-history-652x400-7-1466779844

#8. Vladimir Putin Poses For A Picture As He Fishes In The Krasnoyarsk Territory In The Siberian Federal Districtvladimir-putin-proved-he-was-the-most-badass-president-in-world-history-652x400-8-1466779896

#9. Inspecting The Tiger After Gunning Him Down With A Tranquilizer Dartvladimir-putin-proved-he-was-the-most-badass-president-in-world-history-652x400-9-1466779933

#10. He Also Led The Russian Team In A Friendly Game Of Ice Hockey Against Finlandvladimir-putin-proved-he-was-the-most-badass-president-in-world-history-652x400-10-1466779975

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