22 Animals Caught Doing Witty Acts!

As always animals have been doing awesome things to keep us entertained like hell! Below are our top 20 picks 😉

#1. Dog has a better smile 😉


#2. Knock-Knock.. Anybody home?


#3. We have a pussy in dinner..


#4. Open the door kid, I’ve got a interesting story to tell..2859623c6ff270f3d6e6ed1964acefee

#5. Its a Ninja Stick.. I’ll save the world from it…animals-as-always-are-the-driving-force-behind-the-internet-35-photos-24

#6. I aint talking to you kid..animals-as-always-are-the-driving-force-behind-the-internet-35-photos-26

#7. I’m taking your cat for a walk..animals-as-always-are-the-driving-force-behind-the-internet-35-photos-28

#8. This Kangaroo has got some serious swag!animals-as-always-are-the-driving-force-behind-the-internet-35-photos-29

#9. Lizard has some skating skills!animals-as-always-are-the-driving-force-behind-the-internet-35-photos-210

#10. Time to take a nap 😛animals-as-always-are-the-driving-force-behind-the-internet-35-photos-213

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