23 Amazing Couple Tattoo Designs You’d Totally Want To Ink

Tattoos have always been in a rage. It has been in a practice since the least Neolithic times. Nowadays people have started getting inked. Let’s face it, tattoos are the new accessories. They have burst onto the pop culture and made a remarkably unique place in the media. Social media pages for tattoos are numbering in millions for followers and if you walk out on the street, you’ll walk past a lot of people flaunting a baby tat or an arm sleeve. Not to mention, tattoos have become a mainstream part of the society.

From time to time, couples have come up with incredible and irresistibly stylish couple tattoo ideas and taken their love to the next level. They have come up with ideas like Celtic designs, girls sides tattoos, and even cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie mouse to ink their love and affection for each other.

Couple tattoos can be a great hit or miss. We’ve seen everything, from full body tattoos to questionable inks that have hidden meanings. And how can we forget the fear of having a breakup after getting inked. If you two are planning to take the journey of life together hand in hand, these lovely and stylish couple tattoos will add colors to the roving path for sure.

#1) I’ll cross all the mountains and bridges to come to you.

Love is about flying high or being on cloud nine. So, if you feel like you are high in life with your significant other. Go give this tattoo the love.

#2) Well, we’re cute as hell.


Nothing is cuter than Mickey and Minnie holding hands, going to the movies, eating ice-cream and acting all goofy together.

#3) Because we have crazy fun like CatDog.


How can we forget the inseparable Cat Dog series we used to watch all day long glued to the television screen. Yes, couples can be inseparable like these two.

#4) The love birds who don’t sleep at night *wink*


What better than two love birds each on your hand, looking at each other, just like in the movies?

#5) This is THE DREAM!


“LOVE” is the dream we crave for and the only feeling that binds those two hearts.

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