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28 Amazingly Clever Engineering Miracles You Can Never Think Of

Pun Intended!

You think engineers are useless? We are presenting you a list of amazing engineering miracles you can never imagine of doing yourself. This list contains hilarious images of engineering marvels

#1. This guy’s 8-year-old daughter’s solution to never dropping a book in the bathtub again.


#2.Drunk roommate punching holes through doors? Let Johnny fix that for you.1175-768x1024

#3. Oh and if you don’t have an HDMI adapter lying around the house, you can still watch the big game on the big screen.1177

#4. This guy’s son thought up of a creative new shower head in a pinch.1179

#5. Who needs expensive cooking appliances when you’ve got a drill and a pair of scissors lying around?1180

#6. Time’s never really broken, is it?1181

#7. Knobs are beautiful and functional, no matter what size.1182

#8. Dealership overcharging you for simple parts? Then just do what this guy did.1183

#9. Same goes for side mirrors.1184

#10. Sometimes getting creative gets more costly, but the awesomeness is worth it.1185

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