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28 Amazingly Clever Engineering Miracles You Can Never Think Of

Pun Intended!

#11. Power-bombed your friend through a part of the couch? No need to go out and buy a new one!1186

#12.Sometimes you just want your car to feel more like home.1187

#13. I mean one headlight is all you need, really.1188

#14. It never gets old. Well, at least they had a whisk in the house.1189

#15. What do you do when the button on your dishwasher breaks, so you have to hold it down to work? This.1190

#16. Someone stole your bike seat. That sucks. Hey, I’ve got an idea! Do you live near the woods?1191

#17. Can’t find the remote control to your sound system? Hand me an RC car and some duct tape, please.1192

#18. Headlight broken but the bulbs are perfectly fine? I’ve got an idea…1193

#19. This should stay structurally sound for a little while…1194

#20. Water filter broken? Ummm, can you say, bendy straws?1195

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