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28 Amazingly Clever Engineering Miracles You Can Never Think Of

Pun Intended!

#21. You can do anything as long as you have a friend…and a death wish.1196

#22. This little kid couldn’t bear to tell his aunt he broke one of her plates, so he fixed it.1197

#23. Hot water on the fritz? No problem!1198

#24. When your high beams aren’t working, there are other solutions.1199

#25. Ceiling fans are way too expensive to install, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer!1200

#26. If you drink milk and use paper towels, then you too can have your very own pair of iPhone speakers.1201

#27. Laptops are kinda superfluous as long as you’ve got a smartphone, an adapter, and a keyboard lying around.1202

#28. Listen, there’s always a way to make Christmas better, even if your Santa statue gets decapitated.1203




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