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30+ Most Useless Things Ever Made IN Human History!

Check out this list of totally inexplicable things compiled for example. The pictures need no introduction because, well, we’d need to be able to explain them first, and we just can’t…although we’re pretty sure that Darwin would have something to say…

#1.I can see that clearly


#2. To tweet the owner maybe?most-pointless-useless-things-20-580efbb012454__605

#3. Seriously?most-pointless-useless-things-22-580efbb5c06e1__605

#4. The door goes to Harry Potter’s World!most-pointless-useless-things-25-580efbbb91427__605

#5. You had one job!most-pointless-useless-things-26-580efbbd91ec9__605

#6. Such a sweet peekhole 🙂most-pointless-useless-things-27-580efbbfaf47d__605

#7. I couldnt see that!most-pointless-useless-things-28-580efbc2b7d17__605

#8. You gotta bunnyhop like a bossmost-pointless-useless-things-30-580efbc77d13f__605

#9. How do they go?most-pointless-useless-things-31-580efbc9bff1c__605

#10. Lets go in balcony.. Oh wait!most-pointless-useless-things-32-580efbcba1a69__605

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