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6 Most Brutal Punishment Techniques Ever Devised In History

We still make use of the incredible inventions done in history. But, brutal punishments and tortures are the harsh reality of every culture’s past. The devices and techniques designed to inflict pain will leave you shocked.

Here I’ve compiled some of the most brutal executions of history. You’ll surely feel thankful to be the part of 21st century.

1. Crucifixion


It is still practised in many countries where the victim is tied to the long wooden cross and hanged to death. It usually takes some days. It is deliberately made slow so that it turns out to be a painful execution. It came into practice after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

2. The rack


In the medieval history, the victim was tied with rope and the hot iron rod was stabbed inside the victim’s body.

3. Tied and left in between wild animals.


In earlier times, the victims were tied with rope and left in between wild animals so that animals can eat them.

4. Cement shoes


This punishment was introduced by American Mafia, where they used to place the feet of their enemies inside cinder blocks and then fill it up with wet cement. Once, the cement was dried, the victim was thrown in the river.

5. The breaking wheel


This torturous punishment was used to kill victim slowly. Firstly, to break the bones, the body was tied to the spokes of a giant wooden wheel, which was slowly made to revolve and then hanged to the tall pole so that birds can eat the flesh.

6. The heretics fork


This metal piece has bi-pronged poignant forks attached to a belt. One end is inserted into the chin, and the other end to the sternum and the victim is hung from the ceiling so that they can’t sleep.

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