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9 Most Devastating Airplane Disasters Will Make You Think Twice Before Boarding A Flight!

With great innovation comes trial and error and sadly, a few fails here and there. It is only in the nature of humans and the universe that not everything will go as planned. Unfortunately, for some of the victims of these horrifying flight disasters their greatest fears came true.

These 9 worst airline calamities and the people hurt or lost to them will never be forgotten.

#1. Japan Airlines Flight 123 In 1985


After losing control due to engine issues, the plane crashed into mountains taking the lives of 15 crew members and 505 passengers. Just 4 passengers survived.

#2. Tenerife Airport Disaster In 1977


A pilot’s negligence combined with dense fog, led to this record-breaking death toll. The accident at the Los Rodeos Airport took the lives of 583 people.

#3. Saudi Arabian Flight 163 In 1980


After landing this flight safely with a fire in the aft baggage compartment, the pilot and landing crew failed to evacuate the passengers in time and 301 lives were lost to smoke inhalation/suffocation.

#4. Charkhi Dadri Mid-Air Collision In 1977


This devastating mishap happened over Haryana, India. A Kazakh pilot was preparing for his flight’s descent and  flying lower than he should have been. He in turn collided with a Saudia flight which had just taken off.

#5. American Airlines Flight 587 In 200105

The second most devastating American airline crash happened over the Belle Harbor neighborhood of Queens New York, killing 5 on the ground and all 260 people on board the Airbus A300.

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