Pit Bull Puppy Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime When His Rescuer Returns To Adopt Him

“Mangy” is an insult usually thrown at either a pirate, a crusty old sweater, or a person stumbling out of a nightclub at 4am. However, the term actually comes from the distinctly canine illness known as mange. It’s something that affects way more dogs than you’d realise, including our very own office pug VT Bella.

Thankfully, the skin condition is generally not contagious in humans, meaning we shouldn’t write all dogs with the illness off straight away. With the right care, dogs can recover well from mange, and go on to live happy, healthy lives.


Case in point: bull dog pup Mojo. Joey Wagner, a marine animal rescuer from Canada, came across the mange-infested pup and immediately brought him to a vet for some much-needed TLC.


It was after Wagner returned to the animal sanctuary however, that something truly magical happened. A video captured the moment when Mojo first spotted his rescuer and went in for the most adorable hug I’ve ever seen. If anyone ever tries to tell you that animals don’t feel emotion, I advise you to show them this video. It’s enough to turn even the most heartless of humans into giant balls of squealing goo. Anyone getting a little dog broody? I know I am.

Although his hair never completely grew back, Mojo has been settling in well to his new home. He’s even got his very own Facebook page, in which he posts about his life to his tens of thousands of followers.


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