She Thought It was A Normal Christmas Photo, But Then She Reads

Three years ago, Tyne Owen of New South Wales, Australia surprised his girlfriend Jamie Sheumack with one of the most heartwarming proposals we’ve ever seen. Jamie’s family gathered for a photo session with lettered shirts that spelled out ‘MERRY XMAS’ but shuffled around to change the message for the second shot.

Here comes the First Shot:


Here comes the Kissing Shot :*


In between shots, the young lovebirds share a kiss. The family members are trying their best not to reveal the surprise but you can tell they’re excited!

Here Comes The PERFECT SHOT!


Love what they did with Santa Claus! Looks like they got the shot they needed this time.

Here Comes The Surprise!

The photographer calls Jamie over to check the family photo. She takes a quick look and says, ‘That’s not too bad.’


And Then It Hits Her

He then asks her, ‘What’s it say?’ She reads it out loud, ‘Marry Me,’ before entering into a fit of nervous laughter. She’s completely emotional.


The Proposal

When she turns to her left, she finds Jamie bent down on one knee with an engagement ring. He pops the question.


She Said ‘Yes’!

Jamie and Tyne share their first kiss as an engaged couple in front of the family. Now, it’s definitely looking a lot like Christmas.


The Sweetest Engagement

We’ve seen some pretty elaborate engagements but this one was creative and intimate, making it one of our favorites of all time.

Make sure to check out the full video below. You’ll probably be switching on the Christmas music shortly after.

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