This Ridiculous $100 Million Prison Is Probably Nicer Than Your

If you’re a lucky member of the broke college student / starving artist millennial crowd, chances are, you live in a dump. Your floor makes some concerning noises and your landlord is definitely a serial killer, but it’s cheap so you can’t complain.

But hey, it’s way better than what some people have to deal with, right?

Well, this newly-built prison in Victoria, Australia might make your run-down apartment look like a jail cell.


The $100 million, tax payer-funded building is equipped with living rooms, tennis courts, a bakery, kitchens stocked with lamb, a gym, and there are TVs everywhere you turn.

Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal, as far as incarceration goes.

The medium-security prison opens on Saturday and will house 200 inmates.


200 relatively lucky inmates. Nothing like dozing off to sleep in your private room with a the TV flickering in the background.

While it’s certainly nicer than what we’d expect in a prison, a lot of thought went into its amenities.


“They do have cooking facilities and that’s because they have to make their own meals,” Corrections Minister Steve Hebert told 7 News. “I thought it would be a good thing we don’t have huge catered kitchens with people sitting down to catered meals.”

Fair enough. No takeout for these guys.

And there’s definitely some logic behind the state of the art baking facilities.


Inmates will be required to bake meat pies and bread every morning, so they’ll have marketable skills to take into the workforce upon their release.

“People will leave here and get a job in the newest bakeries across Melbourne,” Herbert said.

…So you might be a little salty that inmates live better than you do. But just remember, you can always walk outside of your crappy apartment. (h/t yahoo 7 news)

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